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Develop your Muscular Strength and Endurance with Power Resistance Bands

With a choice of 5 different levels of resistance these bands will give you the greatest variety of exercises, used by beginners for muscle engagement and athletes to strengthen literally every muscle in the body.

From warm-ups and stretching with the lighter resistance, to bench press and deadlift training using the extra strong resistance bands

Durability, Strength and Memory

All bands are made from 100% latex rubber 

5 Different Resistance Levels

  • 2-16kg - Xtra Light Resistance. Excellent for warn-ups and general stretching also excellent for pilates and school children
  • 11-36kg - Light Resistance. For general training, rehabilitaion, stretching, speed training, aeroabics and added resistance to weight training
  • 23 - 54kg - Medium Resistance. Excellent for stronger bench pressers and lower body training. Calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes
  • 27 - 68kg - Heavy Resistance. Add serious resistance to squats, deadlifts, leg presses and shrugs 
  • 32 - 79kg - Xtra Heavy Resistance. Used by very strong, heavy weights and used for explosive pulls and resisted stationary running.


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