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Kettle bells are an ancient exercise tool that have been adapted for modern day living. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, improve your fitness or get stronger; kettle bell training can help you achieve your overall fitness goals.


  • This unique form of exercise is fun, fast and scientifically proven. With a kettle bell and training program for men and women of all ages and fitness levels, discover the unfair advantage today!
  • The Kettle bell's centre of mass is displaced from the handle. This means the weight constantly pulls against your hand and requires strength/co-ordination when exercising with it & also the use of other muscles through your arms, shoulders and trunk.
  • You can start off by simply carrying a kettle bell around for a period everyday, lifting it, swinging it, passing it from hand to hand. As your strength and co-ordination develop you can move on to routines, exercises and heavier weights.
  • Everyone can benefit from a regular kettle bell workout: from those who just want to look and feel good, to elite athletes of all kinds. Primarily a kettle bell workout will develop your all-important body core back, hips and trunk.
  • You'll also burn fat at an amazing rate and exercise your cardio-vascular system. Because you use your whole body to control the kettle bell you will also strengthen arms and legs.
  • You can exercise in your own time and space and get genuine results faster than ever before. The overall result will be increased strength, flexibility, timing, muscle tone and general body conditioning.
  • Elite athletes can use advanced exercises and techniques to target various muscle groups and movement patterns.



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