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Kettlebells are Ideal for the Beginner or Advanced Exercise Enthusiast

Kettlebells are exceptional and challenging, functional training tools that can accelerate the improvement of both the muscular and cardiovascular system, develop balance, coordination, strength and power in a relatively short period of time. These Kettlebells are ideal for the beginner or advanced exercise enthusiast looking to utilise the massive benefit of kettlebell training.

Strengthens Every Muscle From Head-to-Toe

By recruiting more stabilising muscles, the off centred weight of a kettlebell, works the targeted muscles through a wider range of motion. (Dumbbells and barbell training does not hit those stabilising muscles to the same degree). These workouts can include anything from squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snatches, rotational swings and much more. Further, kettlebells strengthen the tendons and ligaments, making the joints tougher and less-susceptible to injury. Exercising just two or three times per week will keep you lean, strong and functional for the rest of your life.

Engage the Core in Almost Every Lift

Kettlebells have a reputation for strengthening backs and engaging your core muscles in almost every lift.  The lower back muscles were NOT intended to do the job of your glutes. The glutes and all the hip muscles are strongly emphasised my Kettlebell training. Not only do they get much stronger, they wake up and start participating in your movement, alleviating lower back strain.

Strong and Nearly Indestructible

Constructed as one-piece cast iron, these vinyl dipped kettlebells are perfect for home or gym environments and the vinyl surface protects not only the kettlebell from damage, but protects your floor or walls from scratches that a normal kettlebell would do. They are nearly indestructible and relatively inexpensive.


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