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Let the T6510 Hybrid Mag Trainer 2.0 Transform your Workout. When you Can't Decide What Equipment you Need to Use. Rower, Recumbent, Pilates, Have it All!

Save space, save time and save money with the T6510, by combining three popular pieces of fitness equipment into one. Use it as a recumbent bike or make a simple adjustment and it will transform into a rower.


Space is No Issue

If you are limited for space, or simply not wantingto see it all the time, with a pull of the pin, the Hybrid Mag Trainer folds up neatly to be stored away safely, ready for you to use next time.


Have it All in One

Whether using the rower to strengthen and tone up your whole body or the recumbent to firm up your lower body, this magnetic resistance machine delivers a complete workout that is as relaxing or hardcore as you want it to be. With the recumbent bike and rower for cardio, resistance for strength and toning, use the Pilates mode to stretch, warm up and cool down properly.

Performance Monitor

Need to increase or decrease the intensity mid routine? With 8 resistance levels, simply press a button to adjust your pace without interrupting the smooth quiet workout.


The Transformation

Not only will the T6510 transform your body, But it'll transform into different exercise equipment and transform the way you exercise. Whatever your age or body type, the Hybrid Mag Trainer 2.0 is the right choice for your fitness needs. Cycling, Rowing and Pilates are low impact activities, so you can maintain a healthy Upper and Lower body, without undue stress on joints and tendons.

Versatile Body Strength Training Workouts

Add versatility to your cardio workouts with a simple adjustment to convert your Rower Recumbent bike to a cable strength option and perform a wide trange of exercises.  Including Leg Press, Cable Back Kicks, Bicep Curls, Upright Rows, Over head Press, Low Pulley front Raises.


Glide with Ease

Featuring a comfortable, ventilated and supportive seat, you can change functions of the machine from a seated position. From cycling, to rowing and then to pilates, to change function just pull the pin to free the seat and feel it glide on a smooth ball bearing roller/rail system.


Keep the Beat

The Hybrid Mag Trainer 2.0 has inbuilt hand grip heart monitors connected directly to the monitor. Conveniently located on the stabilising handles, both sides of the padded seat. You can monitor your heart rate as you pedal.


Super Simple Programs

The specially designed programs in the T6510 allow you to row with and against the current, or cycle up and down the slopey countryside, with four different varying programs.


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