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Having a bottle of Anti Fog Spray on hand is a must-have for every diver, snorkeller or swimmer who wears goggles. Fog is a constant and annoying feature of underwater activities, but it needn’t be. Spraying your mask or goggle lenses with Anti Fog Spray by Land and Sea prevents fog from building in your mask. With spray applied, you will have an unobstructed view of your pool lane or the marine paradise in which you are exploring.

Available in 20 ml bottles the Anti Fog Spray by Land and Sea is no load to carry and convenient to store. A small amount of spray goes a long way so you’ll get plenty of mileage from one bottle. The clear liquid spray can apply to all brands of masks and goggles.

Not only does the spray prevent fogging, it is also a great cleaning agent for your mask and goggles. No hard scrubbing is required, merely apply then wipe with a soft tissue. Just makes sure your mask or goggles are completely dry before applications and before you use them again.

The traditional way to prevent fog from developing on your mask or goggles is to use saliva and then rinse. While useful, many people are uncomfortable with this method because of hygiene concerns. With Anti Fog Spray by Land and Sea, you can dispense with spitting in your mask and apply the anti-fog spray instead for outstanding and hygienic results.

Anti Fog Spray by Land and Sea is for sale now. Buy yourself a bottle or be sure to buy some as a companion purchase to your next set of goggles or new snorkeling face mask.


  • Antifog Spray prevents fogging goggles
  • Easy application spray bottle
  • Clear Liquid Spray
  • 30ml bottle
  • Keep spray away from eyes. Simply spray directly on the goggle lens for a fog free experience
  • The spray works well on all brands of swimming goggles, masks & snorkel sets


  • Mitigates against the annoying fogging that is a frequent challenge when using swimming goggle or a snorkeling face mask.
  • The spray is ideal for divers, swimmers and snorkellers for better clarity in the water.
  • Easy to apply and acts as a cleaning agent as well.
  • No harsh rubbing required when used for cleaning protects lens integrity.
  • Only small amounts required, so the convenient 30ml bottle and lasts for many applications.
  • Compact bottle is easy to store and transport.

The Anti Fog Spray by Land and Sea is a must-have product for any swimmer diver or snorkeller. A mask full of fog makes it very difficult to see underwater and diminishes the quality snorkelling and diving experience. Purchase a bottle of Anti Fog Spray by Land and Sea and lift the fog from your underwater adventures.


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