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Head MX Cyber Pro Tennis Racket

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner tennis player or experienced , you’ve probably heard of Head. It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular and best brands that offers a wide range of different tennis gear. If you’re searching for the best Head tennis racquet, one of the first ones you should consider is the Head MX Cyber Pro tennis racquet.

Many people opt for Head models since they have something for everyone regardless of the skill level you’re at. You can find beginners as well as professional equipment which is why the brand is as highly recommended.


Head MX Cyber Pro Tennis Racket

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Now, if you’ve been searching for a racquet for a  while, you probably already know how tricky it is. There are so many different models available making the search that much more difficult. Even if you limit yourself to only one brand such as the Head, there are still several models you could pick.

The MX Cyber Pro stands out for several reasons, and it’s often recommended as one of the best Head tennis racquets. Its many features and specifications work together to bring quality and impressive performance necessary for outstanding tennis skills.

We did some research on it and had tested it for a while, too. Continue reading to learn what we found out about the MX Cyber Pro, how it performs, its specifications, pros, and cons.

Features and specifications:

First and foremost, the racquet is best for the all-around-the-court style of playing. The first time you play with this one, you’ll realize that it delivers a little bit of everything meaning it’s a versatile model. This is why it’s mostly recommended to intermediate players looking to upgrade from their first racquet and advance their skill set.

Its head is 100sq inches big with a solid sweetspot. It’s not the biggest sweetspot, which is good because it makes you have to contact the ball well and helps you improve your skills.

It comes already strung by the manufacturer with synthetic gut in an open 16×19 string pattern. Once strung, it weighs about 270g meaning that’s easy to maneuver smoothly.

The graphite composition and other materials used to make the MX Cyber Pro tennis racquet allow for durability and sturdiness needed in this kind of racquets. It’s strong, but it’s also extremely comfortable and easy to handle.

Head used their Metallix technology to deliver extra strength and durability. This is the technology that brings quality. Making this racquet one of the most reliable models on the market. It’s long-lasting and impressive in every sense of the word.

You’ll notice a slight head heavy balance point with each stroke. This means that each stroke is crisp and sharp with a strong touch. You’d achieve solid strike from all over the court thanks to its playability and performance. 


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